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Our Application process

Most important is the personal match!

If you apply, our first focus is to understand if Traxion and you have the same DNA.

If so, we hope to welcome you soon as our new colleague!

Welcome at Traxion?

We're always hiring new colleagues, so we are looking forward to welcome you at Traxion!

So apply now!


hiring process

Step 1 - You apply

You start your application

Step 2 - Short intake - we call you

We will contact you and have a short intake by phone or meet online via Teams.

Step 3 - First Interview

An interview with a hiring manager. Do you both feel a fit in regards to personality and culture?

Step 4 - Second interview

Let's go in depth with your future colleagues. We will challenge you and you can certainly challenge us!

Step 5 - Contract offer

We like you! Hopefully it is mutual. Time for a contract offer.

Step 6 - Hired! Welcome new colleague!

Congratulations, welcome to the Traxion team!

Meet your recruiters

Zsuzsika Klomp


Christopher Schenkel

Senior IT Recruiter

Jae Nguyen

Senior Recruiter

Tim Luurs

Recruitment Marketing Stagiaire

Reach out to us for any additional information

If you require any additional information or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Send us an email and we’ll get in back to you as soon as possible.